Part I : What Has Happened to the Catholic Church


Although there will always be some who will not see, without a doubt, a great many Catholics recognize there is something seriously (even diabolically) amiss in the post-vatican II church! But what is it, and what do we do about it?

These few pages represent an attempt, for love of God and souls, to provide briefly, yet with irrefutable facts, the basic answers to these all-important questions -- true answers found by some who, may we say, love the truth enough to seek it, as all followers of Jesus are in fact bound to do. "For the Lord will require truth, and will repay them abundantly that act proudly." (Psalm 30:24)

We hear a lot about brotherly love these days, but precious little about loving and obeying God and His commandments. "He that hath My commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth Me" (Jn.14:21). True charity consists of love of God first and foremost, and then loving our neighbour, for love of God - and especially desiring his salvation, which means of necessity his embracing the True Faith! For even though charity (love) is the greatest of all virtues, Jesus said He is the Truth (1 Jn. 5:6), and it is therefore, as the Church teaches, adherence to the Truth that binds the members of Christ's mystical body together! Yet now, the True Religion instituted by our Lord, predominately a 'vertical' humble worship of our all-good God, has horribly and sacrilegiously been replaced by a 'horizontal' religion of virtual worship of 'man' ! Even most modern priests, incredibly, sit at the very centre of the sanctuary, in a throne-like chair, 'presiding' over a false sacrifice... (more about that later). "When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand... let them flee to the mountains"(Math. 24:15-16)

How has this happened? Well, as many folks are aware, the devil wants to be worshipped as God - "I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High"(Is.14:14). He therefore apes(imitates) God, he "transformeth himself into an angel of light"(2 Cor. 11:14). Hence, the term 'spirit of the anti-Christ' - because he imitates the Holy Spirit of Christ! as he does in his false religions, including the modern catholic ecumenical religion, and especially in the charismatic movement. Incredible as this may sound, we can infallibly substantiate this claim with this irrefutable fact: 'the Truth - can not possibly contradict the Truth! "I am the Lord, and I change not."(Mal. 3:6). What the Holy Spirit of Truth has constantly taught through His One, Holy, Catholic,and Apostolic Church for twenty centuries, is being contradicted by the 'spirit’ of the charismatic's and the ‘spirit' of vatican II, mainly (but not only) by the promotion of false ecumenism (religious indifference) - which is an attack on the Truth, and highly destructive of souls, as they lose the true Faith which our Lord teaches is necessary for salvation! "He who does not believe (the True Gospel) will be condemned"(Mk.16:16).

Now, evidently, few there are indeed who are aware that satan's imitation of God actually extends to his having his own 'universal' church and hierarchy! And the 'mother-house' of evil from which has proceeded all the serpent's vicious attacks against Christ and His True Church is Freemasonry - also called 'Judeo-masonry' since they derive their evil doctrine from the anti-Christ's Jewish 'Kabbala' (JP II hasn't got around to kissing that one yet!). Their deceptive slogan is 'universal brotherhood', but to the exclusion of God, His Authority and Saving Truth! Their goal: 'man as God '- which is the religion of the anti-Christ. Pope Leo XIII in his letter Delalto Apostalico Sagio 1890 stated: "The masonic sects are already judged. They are possessed by the spirit of satan, whose instrument they are. They burn like him with a deadly and implacable hatred of Jesus Christ and His work, and they endeavor by every means to overthrow and fetter it."

Freemasonry has been strongly and officially condemned by every Pope from Clement XII in 1738 to Pius XII in 1950 (over 200 years!) - but not since. - I repeat not since! Nor has communism (the freemason's 'strongarm' tool) been condemned since! Consider, if you will, the undeniable reality this fact demonstrates.

Our Lady forewarned us at LaSalette in 1846, in an amazing prophecy, fully approved by Holy Mother Church - and which is must reading for every Catholic, that "Rome will lose the (True) Faith - and become the seat of the anti-Christ." Evidently, the masons had begun infiltrating the Catholic Church! A century later, so many had slithered into high positions of authority, they elected their man Roncalli(John XXIII) to call a council and pave the way for the anti-Christ's reign from the very seat Christ instituted for Peter! And due to sin, and a general lukewarmness of Catholics high and low, God allowed it! "because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth."(Apoc.3:16)

"Whose coming (the anti-Christ's) is according to the working of satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: that all may be judged who have not believed the (True Catholic) truth, but have consented to iniquity (2 Thes.2:9-11).

Quotes of the Vicars of Christ

POPE CLEMENT XII (1738) - 'In Eminenti' : "We have resolved and decreed to condemn and forbid such Societies, assemblies, reunions, conventions, aggregations or meetings called either Freemasonic or known under some other denomination. WE CONDEMN AND FORBID THEM BY THIS, OUR PRESENT CONSTITUTION, WHICH IS TO BE CONSIDERED VALID FOREVER."

POPE CLEMENT XIII: (1759): Encyclical 'Christianae Republicae Salus'. Anathematizing all Voltairian and Masonic works..."In our days nothing is free from the attacks of those who are impious. GOD HIMSELF becomes the object of their insolent audacity, they represent HIM as a BEING who is mute, inert, devoid of a sense of providence or justice …”

POPE PlUS VI (1775) - 'Inscrutibile': Warned of these 'SECTS OF PERDITION (HELL)' , who were penetrating everywhere, even into the Church!

POPE PIUS VII (1821): "They come under the guise of sheep although they are in truth, none but ravening wolves." They propagandize "RELIGIOUS INDIFFERENCE WHICH IS, OF ALL, THE MOST PERNICIOUS." - - (Note well dear reader - this true Vicar of Christ warns that the lie that any religion other than the one revealed by Christ can save, is the most pernicious evil! )

POPE LEO XII (1825): feared MASONIC PENETRATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHING. Also stated: "They have dared publish works on Religion and affairs of State, they have exposed their contempt for authority, their hatred of Sovereignty, their attacks against the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the very existence of God: They openly vaunt their materialism as well as their codes and statutes which explain their plans and efforts in order to overthrow the legitimate Heads of State and completely destroy the Church." And he quoted Clement XIII’s remedial warning: "I entreat you to become penetrated of the Strength of the Spirit of God, His Intelligence and His Virtue, in order to escape being likened to the MUTE DOGS who, unable to bark, leave our flocks exposed to the voracity of beasts roaming the fields... LET US ABANDON EVEN THE THOUGHT OF BEING CHRISTIANS IF WE HAVE REACHED THE POINT OF TREMBLING BEFORE THE THREATS OR THE TRAPS LAID FOR US BY PERVERTS." - from his encyclical 'Quo Graviora'

POPE PIUS VIII: in his encyclical 'Traditi', 1829: showed that all Masonic Sects issued from the "WELL OF PERDITION", and following Leo XII, most particularly mentions the Sect called "Universitaire", saying: "IT'S AIM IS TO CORRUPT YOUTH IN SCHOOLS."

POPE GREGORY XVI (1832): Encyclical "Mirari Vos": "EVIL comes out of Secret Societies, bottomless abyss of misery, which those conspiring societies have dug and in which heresies and sects have, as may be said, vomited as in a privy all they hold of licentiousness, sacrilege and blasphemy."

POPE PlUS IX (1873): "The Satanic spirit of the Sect was particularly evidenced, in the past century, during the course of the Revolutions of France which shook the entire world. Such upheavals proved that the total dissolution of human society could be expected unless the forces of this ultra criminal Sect were crushed." - "However, the Apostolic See's efforts have not been crowned with the success that might have been expected. The Masonic Sect of which we speak has been neither defeated nor overthrown: JUST THE REVERSE, the Sect has developed to such an extent that, in these days of great difficulty, it shows itself everywhere and with impunity and raises a more audacious countenance."

POPE LEO XIII (1884): Encyclical "Humanum Genus" He labels Freemasonry the "SYNYGOGUE OF SATAN", and reveals the triple Masonic character as being (1) Counter-Morality (2) Counter-State (3) Counter-Church "It is now publicly and overtly that they undertake to ruin the Holy Church, so as to succeed if it is possible, in the complete dispossession of Christian nations of all the gifts they owe to Our Savior Jesus Christ. As a result, in the space of a century and a half, the sect of the Freemasons has made incredible progress. Making use at the same time of audacity and cunning, Masonry has invaded all the ranks of social hierarchy, and in the modern States it has begun to seize a power which is almost equivalent to Sovereignty." He saw that Masonry occupied the place of "State within a State", and would soon form the Super State, from which situation they issue their 'dogma' of separation of Church and State. He said Masons maintained that all means were to be systematically used, in order to saturate the multitudes with licentiousness and vices; because in their opinion peoples would naturally fall into their hands and become (their) instruments. Their counter-morality includes "civil marriage, divorce, free 'love', and the irreligious education of youth."

Condemned separation of Church and State as “a most pernicious ERROR." He said the mason's "declarations, a thousand times published and republished... are proof in themselves that attacks against the Church have been led progressively and systematically." He said "They want to extirpate from your hearts the FAITH... and it is this (One,True) FAITH WHICH MUST BE DEFENDED... the FAITH which covered your ancestors with glory."

Quotes of the Freemasons Prior to Vatican II

* From the book 'Morals and Dogma' by Albert Pike (past 'pope' of freemasonry):
"The mason is familiar with the doctrine that the supreme being is a centre of light." and on page 321: "Lucifer the light-bearer. Lucifer the son of the morning. Is it he who bears the light? Doubt it not!" (This book has been called the 'bible' of freemasonry, and is given to all masons in the 4th degree.)

* On July 14,1889 Albert Pike issued formal written instruction to the 23 'Supreme (masonic) Councils' of the world. He said: "To you sovereign grand inspectors general we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st, & 30th degrees. The masonic religion should by all of us initiates be maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. Yes, Lucifer is God, and the true and pure religion is the belief in Lucifer." On page 324, he identifies Lucifer as the devil: "A devil, the fallen Lucifer..."

* The occult-based 'New Age' (short for 'New World Order') movement is fully masonic in origin. They published the 'NEW AGE' magazine (now called 'Scottish Rite Journal') for 100 years. Prominent new-ager David Spangler said: "The light comes from Lucifer, he is the light-bearer."

* The ALTA VENDITA was the highest Masonic Lodge in Italy in the 1800's. One of its chiefs, 'Tigrotto' stated in 1822: "CATHOLICISM MUST BE DESTROYED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD." "LET US CONSPIRE ONLY AGAINST ROME." (from booklet 'Papacy and Freemasonry' by Msgr. Jouin, P.2)

* Rabbi Isaac Waites (1855): "Masonry is a Jewish Institution whose history degrees, assignments, signs and explanations are of Jewish nature from beginning to end." (from video 'Biblical End Time Prophecies II' by Most Holy Family Monastery (M.H.F.M.)

* "It is evident that there are only Jews and kabbalistic Jews in Masonry's origin." (Bernard Lessare - Jewish historian - M.H.F.M. video).

* Both the MAFIA and the 'P-2' Masons of Italy, were founded by Giuseppi Mazzini, who said: "Our final end is that of Voltaire and the French Revolution - the destruction forever of Catholicism."

* A mason,'F. Limousine', in the magazine "Masonic Review" - Oct. 1902: "Freemasonry is an association... an institution, so it is said. But it is not that at all. Let us lift up all the veils, risking even to evoke numberless protestations - FREEMASONRY IS A CHURCH: It is the COUNTER-CHURCH, COUNTER-CATHOLICISM. It is the OTHER CHURCH - the church of Heresy, of FREETHOUGHT."

* In the Freemason's book "The Evolution of Freemasonry", by Delmar Darrah - page 89 it states: "MARTIN LUTHER opened the way for the future development of Freemasonry."

* A stone inscription of the 'Masonic Grand Orient & Supreme Council' in France reads: "THE FIGHT TAKING PLACE BETWEEN CATHOLICISM and FREEMASONRY IS A FIGHT TO THE VERY DEATH - CEASELESS AND MERCILESS" (Msgr. Jouin P.3)

* Mason 'Manly P. Hall', in his book "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry", page 48: "When the mason learns the key is the proper application of the dynamo's living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft - the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands."

* In the early 19th century, a document called 'The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita' was issued by that highest Italian Lodge (mentioned earlier) which mapped out a blueprint for the total subversion of the Church, through takeover of the Papacy / hierarchy and the worldwide structure of the Church, not only to eradicate the influence of Catholicism in society, but to promote their evil agenda under deceptive titles like "renewal", "progress", and "enlightenment"! A few quotes from that lengthy document:

"The, task that we are going to undertake is not the work of a day, or of a month, or of a year; it may last several years, perhaps even a century; but in our ranks the soldier dies and the struggle goes on... What we must look for and wait for... is a Pope according to our needs... With this, in order to shatter the high rock on which God has built His Church (!), we no longer need Hannibalian vinegar, or gunpowder. We have the little finger of the successor of Peter engaged in the ploy...

"Now then, to assure ourselves a Pope of the required dimensions, it is a question first of shaping for this Pope a generation worthy of the reign we are dreaming of [by saturating society with liberalism/free opinion/vice] Leave old people and those of a mature age aside; go to the youth, and if it is possible, even to the children... You will contrive for yourselves, at little cost, a reputation as good Catholics and pure patriots! This reputation will put access to our doctrines into the midst of the young clergy, as well as deeply into the monasteries. In a few years, by the force of things, this young clergy will have overrun all the functions; they will form the sovereign's council, they will be called to choose a Pontiff who should reign. And this Pontiff will be... imbued with the revolutionary principles that we are going to begin to put into circulation." "..let the clergy march under your standard, always believing that they are marching under the banner of the Apostolic keys." (Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita. - J. Venarri) (pages 6 -10)

Who but the serpent - could contrive such cruel and sinister subversion!

Now, how successful has their evil plot been...

Quotes of the Masons During and After Vatican II

(The masons refer to Lucifer as 'the Great Architect of the Universe')!

"...the encyclical Pacem in Terris ('Peace on Earth' by John XXIII) is a vigorous statement of Masonic doctrine.. we do not hesitate to recommend its thoughtful reading." (quoted from the 'Masonic bulletin', the official organ of the Supreme Council of 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masons in Mexico, 'May 1963', in 'The New Montinian Church' by Fr. Joaquin Arriaga, pp.147-148)

* "The sense of Universalism that is rampant in Rome these days, is very close to our purpose for existence. With all our hearts we support the revolution of John XXIII." (Yves Marsaudon, State Minister of the Supreme Council of French secret societies) After the anti-pope's death, Marsaudon wrote: "To the memory of John XXIII, who has designed to give us (freemasons) his benediction, his understanding, and his protection." (from magazine 'Real Catholicism' , page 10, June, 1998, P.O. Box 113, Towson, MD.)

* "We had struggled for a century and a half to bring our opinions to prevail with the Church and had not succeeded. Finally, there came Vatican II and we triumphed." (!)

Could you want it any clearer? - the words of Marcel Prelot, a senator for the Doubs region in France: quoted in Le Catholicisme Liberal, 1969, p.l00 - by Archbishop M. Lefebvre - Angelus Press. And from his book 'Open Letter to Confused Catholics' p. 89, French Freemason Jacques Mitterand:

* "...urgent questions, such as priestly celibacy and birth control, are hotly debated in the Church itself... for a Freemason, a man who questions dogma is already a Freemason without an apron." ( note well, dear reader: this disciple of Lucifer just acknowledged as true, the most basic-teaching of the True Faith: 'He who does not believe and readily assent to the dogmas (of the Traditional Catholic Church)as being Divinely Revealed, becomes a member of the counter-church!)

* "Catholics...must not forget that all roads lead to God. (!) And they will have to accept that this courageous idea of freethinking, which we can really call a revolution, pouring forth from our Masonic lodges, has spread magnificently over the dome of St.Peter's." (Yves Marsaudon, book 'Ecumenism Viewed by a Traditional Freemason') He also wrote: "ONE CAN SAY THAT ECUMENISM IS THE LEGITIMATE SON OF FREEMASONRY ..Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Israelites, Moslems, Hindus, Budhists, freethinkers, freebelievers; to us these are only our first names, 'Freemasonry' is our family name."!

Well... does that not make obvious what John Paul II's 'pan-religious' Assisi Meetings are about? He is 'dissolving' the True Faith before the entire world! At this point, is it not clear too, that therein lies the essence of satan's attack against God's Church - 'Religious Indifference / False Ecumenism! ' For to drag down the One True Faith, the only road to heaven, pointed out for us by our AII-Good, AII-Wise God.. to a par with all the false man-made religions, roads to hell, would be to negate and destroy it. And the evil plot is carried out with the delusion of 'Brotherly Love', while obscuring the First and Greatest Commandment to "LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART, AND MIND, AND SOUL, AND STRENGTH."

To exalt and promote an alleged 'Right' of men to embrace whatever opinion or religion they choose, in opposition to the Word of God, is in fact, to place man above God - and this is the religion of the anti-Christ - 'Man as God'! It's the same old lie of the serpent "No, you shall not die the death - you shall be as Gods” (Genesis 2:4,5)

The anti-Christ (spirit) is a false Christ, and just as True virtues - true charity, true humility, etc. are from Jesus, through His True Church, false charity, false humility, etc. are from the anti-Christ, to those who embrace one of his many false religions - including his false modern catholic free masonic ecumenical religion! For example, so many today imagine sadly (perhaps tragically), that it would 't be humble, or charitable, to tell someone in a false religion, that the road they're on does not lead to heaven, but to hell... whereas, there is nothing more charitable we can do, than to kindly speak the truth, as Jesus did, for love of souls! Many too, although opposed to the abomination, imagine that it wouldn't be charitable to flee from the endless abominable novelties and sacrileges at the new 'mass', and instead of say - climbing back on to the Ark of Salvation (the Traditional Faith), and throwing a life-line to their loved ones, they remain in the poisonous waters of the anti-Christ's ecumenical "harlot church", thereby risking the ETERNAL RUIN of their own souls, and the souls of their loved ones! They "have been made mad (drunk) with the wine of her whoredom."(Apoc.17:2) Indeed, it is sadly evident, that for those who insist that Jesus is there (in the new mass host), no height of atrocity or outrage could make them cease to be a part of it, nor to cease their financial support of the devil's mockery! Modern man must again realize, that the Truth never did, and never will, depend one iota on how many believe it. Human opinion is less than nothing before the awesome face of Truth! It is the Divinely Inspired Teachings of the True Church - to whom Christ gave His teaching authority - that a Christian is bound to believe. And it is with that same authority the Holy Church teaches in advance that the new 'mass' is INVALID - the consecration does not take place - Jesus is not there! (see flyer "Is the New Mass Valid?" available from Most Holy Family Monastery) What is there, is the spirit of the anti-Christ (satan disguised as an angel of light), who does everything in his presently extended deceptive power to keep modern catholics from returning to the True Faith and True Mass, which has kept millions of souls from him. He works "signs and wonders to deceive (if possible) even the elect"(Math.24:24). Jesus is perfect Light and Truth, He will not participate in darkness or sacrilege of any kind! The Truth is all we have, and all we need, to preserve us from error. That is why Jesus said to Martha, with her sister Mary sitting at His feet - listening to Him, loving the Truth: "Only ONE thing is necessary, and Mary has found it"( Luke 10:39,42)

Amazingly, Sacred Scripture also condemns the new mass! There are, of course, many 'types' or 'pre-figurements' in the bible. For example, Abraham was a type of God the Father willing to sacrifice his only son; Isaac was a type of Christ carrying his wood up the hill to be sacrificed on; The Ark of Noah was a type of Christ's Catholic Church. All outside it perished. There was also, near the beginning of human history 'types' of the true and false sacrifices occurring now, near the end of human history (as it would seem). Cain and Abel both believed in God, both set up an altar, and both took from the best of their produce and made a burnt offering to God. Cain's offering was flatly rejected! Abel offered, as God commanded, an unblemished lamb - a 'prefigurement' of the Immaculate 'Lamb of God' offered in every Traditional Roman Mass - which was instituted by Christ! Cain offered grain, grapes, etc. - he offered what the new 'mass' offers -"fruit of the vine and work of human hands", ordinary bread and wine! (It is a sacrilege to offer God bread and wine! ) The reality of this is easy to prove. God understands English and Latin very well! Those who, aware of the facts, continue to attend this false sacrifice - this abomination of desolation, concocted by the anti-Christ solely for the purpose of suppressing and replacing the True Sacrifice Commanded by God, are rallying up behind Cain ("Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain."(Jude:11)

Mr. John McManus of the 'John Birch Society' (good guys!), on his audio entitled "The threat of One World Government - New World Order" relates that in 1978 a magazine in Italy entitled 'Le Grande Lodgio Vaticana' (the Grand Lodge of the Vatican)! listed the names, and dates of entry into freemasonry, of '120' prelates of the Catholic Church! One of them: 'Arch-Bishop' Annibali Bugnini, who with the help of six protestants, and with Paul VI's 'blessing', concocted the new mass sacrilege. Another was 'Cardinal' Joseph Suenens of Belgium, reportedly one of the most active destroyers of True Doctrine at Vatican II. He rejoiced: "Vatican II was the French Revolution in the Church!" Suenens was the servant of satan who, also with Paul VI’s ‘blessing', launched the ultra-ecumenical charismatic movement... Oh, the destructive power of giving poor abandoned catholics a 'direct line' to an ecumenical 'God', who 'trickle charges' them with pride!

It is not a coincidence that the Masons called their mutilated and protestantized sacrilege the 'Novus Ordo Missae' (NEW ORDER of the Mass). It was to be, and is, the instrument by which they would gradually destroy the True Faith in multi-millions of Catholics world-wide, and through an ongoing process of protestantizing and 'ecumenizing', actually bring them to think like masons! For even though the whole Catholic Gospel of Christ RINGS with the saving principle: "BETTER TO BE DIVIDED BY TRUTH, THAN UNITED IN ERROR", the goal of Lucifer's church is (consistent with his lie 'You shall be like God'), to build on the ruins of Christendom a 'stew' of all religions and cultures, a NEW ORDER, a NEW AGE, where Christ and His One True Religion are excluded, and Man is all in all (i.e. John Paul II's "Civilization of Love"). In the Mason's magazine 'New Age', Sept. 1950, freemason C.W. Smith wrote: "God's plan [read Lucifer's plan] is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the New Order of things, is to make all things new --- a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a non-sectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of "The Great Light".

Please bear this in mind as you read a few more quotes from the enemy camp:

* John XXIII in opening Vatican II: "The prophets of doom always talk as though the present in comparison to the past is becoming worse and worse. But I see mankind as entering upon a NEW ORDER, and perceive in this a Divine plan."

(Note: the United Nations was established by the Masons in 1943 to be the seat their 'World Government' (Piers Compton, 'The Broken Cross' p. 64)

* Paul VI told the U.N. assembly in New York, Mar. 6, '67: "Your vocation is to bring not just some people, but all people together as brothers. [ ! ] Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a 'world authority' capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political plane. Delegates to international organization, public officials, gentlemen of the press, teachers and educators, all of you, must realize that you have your part to play in the construction of a NEW WORLD ORDER."
(video "Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church" - Dr. James Wardner)

* John Paul II speaking of the crisis in Iraq said on Dec. 20, '98: "To everyone I make a heartfelt appeal that human solidarity and respect for the International Order will prevail." (The Wanderer, Jan. 14, '99)

* John XXIII: "I see no reason why a Christian could not vote for a Marxist if he finds the latter to be more fit to follow such a political line and historical destiny." (Fr. J. Arriaga, ‘The New Montinian Church', p.570)

* Paul VI: "The Church has proclaimed herself so to speak, to be the servant of humanity... everything at the council was directed to the service of MAN." (Fr. Noel Barbara, 'Fortes in Fide', p.5)

* John Paul II: "Nothing [not even God?] surpasses the greatness or dignity of the human person... human life is the concrete reality of being capable of loving and serving humanity." (C.C.C. of America, tape #3)

* John Paul II: "O Man, O Woman, I love you with my whole heart, with my whole soul, and with my whole mind, because you are great in your dignity as Man or Woman, great in your value, and in your 'transcendence'."[!!]
(addressing U.N.E.S.C.O., June 2, 1980; from video 'Has Rome Become the Seat of the Anti-Christ' (Most Holy Family Monastery - 4425 Schneider Road Fillmore, New York 14735 Ph. 1-800-275-1126

These quotes of the anti-popes are merely a drop in the bucket to what could be shown of their despicable words and actions which blatantly oppose 20 centuries of unchangeable Divinely Revealed Catholic Truth.


The Words of JESUS come to mind "..he that readeth let him understand." (Math.24:15). Also "And as in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be... they understood not till the flood came, and took them all away." (Math. 24:37,39)

It is our hope and prayer that everyone who reads this material, will hurry back to the Ark of Salvation: study and embrace the Traditional Catholic Faith, attend only the True Catholic Mass (when you can - Sunday obligation obviously does not apply to the Mason's 'mass'), pray the Rosary every day, and have a true devotion to our Blessed Mother.

Rome, the 'great city' (Apoc.17:18) has become, as our Lady predicted at La Salette - "the seat of the anti-Christ" - the great harlot (Apoc.17:1), the mother of the fornications and the abominations of the earth (Apoc.17:5). God's instruction for all those who yet remain in the modern catholic harlot church, has rested in Scripture for 20 centuries (Apoc.18:4): "Go out from her my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues."

It has been this writer's experience that, only when you 'go out from her', only when you break off all communion with the anti-church and the anti-pope at her head - will the smoke of satan lift, and will you be able to fathom the depth of her ugliness! Only then, will you make the necessary repentance for having taken part in her abominations, and for every penny with which you helped her to oppose Christ, and His ineffable Doctrine.

Pope Gregory XVI - Mirari Vos Aug. 15, 1832
"They should consider the testimony of Christ himself, that those who are not with Christ, are against him. And they disperse unhappily, who do not gather with him. Therefore they will perish forever unless they hold the Catholic Faith whole and inviolate."


Part II : "Who is the Anti-Christ?"